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  • Tumor Methylation Septin-9 Gene
Tumor Methylation Septin-9 Gene

Tumor Methylation Septin-9 Gene

  • Product description: In the field of molecular pathology, a complete screening scheme for cervical cancer (liquid-based cell screening, HPV high-risk type 18 polychromatic direct PCR screening, HPV28 reverse dot blot hybr

Tumor Methylation Gene Detection.

Septin-9 Gene Methylation Detection Kit (PCR Fluorescence Probe Method).

Intended use: This kit is for the qualitative detection of the methylation status of Septin 9 gene in human peripheral blood plasma for clinical diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Sample type: Plasma

Packing specifications: Single tube, 12 tests/box

Storage conditions and expiration date: Store at -20±5°C, avoid repeated freezing and thawing; the validity period is twelve (12) months from the production date indicated on the box.

Transportation: Use dry ice (or blue ice) to keep cool. The detection performance of this kit is not affected within 72 hours.

Product advantages:

- Direct rapid PCR reaction: New generation of FAST-Taq DNA polymerase with hot start, rapid amplification and anti-inhibitory properties can be used to amplify blood samples to ensure sensitivity and specificity; dUTP+UDG enzyme anti-pollution system is added to the amplification system to avoid contamination. Internal standard quality control, monitoring sample extraction, amplification, to avoid false positives.

- General equipment: Suitable for ABI7500, Daan 7600, Hongshi, etc., suitable for large, medium and small laboratories.

- Full color-tracking system: The extracted sample solution contains a blue tracer, which can indicate whether the template is added or not, and reduces the sampling error.

- High sensitivity: It can detect 10ng-100ng wild-type human genomic DNA and detect samples containing 1% mutation.

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