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Your Health Matters.
Fortune Biosciences is an international company focused in the outsourcing and supply of a wide range of medical devices reagent kits and analysis instruments. We work directly with established manufacturers to bring to our clientele a product of high standard at the lowest price.

Fortune Biosciences line of product includes:

1. Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Urine analysis.

2. Clinical chemistry reagents, matching calibrator and quality control.

3. FIA POCT analyzer and matching reagent kits covering test for Infection, Diabetes, Coagulation and Cardiac markers with quantitative and accurate results available in 3-15 minutes.

4. Molecular Diagnostics for PCR applications.

Our goal is to improve the accessibility, to keep expenses down, maintain high quality, and deliveries on-time, every time of our product on the global scale.

We welcome business partnership opportunities worldwide to develop not a vendor relationship, but be your daily partner that brings an added value and solutions that contribute to achieve your goals, to be more competitive and produce more business value.


Contact Us

Contact: Donald Qian

Phone: +86 1818 667 9686

Tel: +86 1818 667 9686

Company: Fortune Biosciences

Add: No. 333 Gaoxin 2nd Road, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, 430075 Wuhan, Hubei, P.R. China.

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