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  • CRP Reagent Kit (Quantitative)
CRP Reagent Kit (Quantitative)

CRP Reagent Kit (Quantitative)

  • Product description: POCT Reagent Kit, clinical diagnostic reagent, clinical chemistry reagent, clinical diagnostic testing, biochemistry test kit, Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer, POCT Analyzer, FIA, POCT

Product Name: CRP Reagent Kit (Quantitative)

Method: Laternal-Flow technology (Fluorescent Immunochromatographic)

Product Models: 5 tests/box, 25 tests/box, 40 tests/box, 100 tests/box

CFDA Registration No.: 20152400176

Certification: CE, SGS ISO13485, ISO9001

Matching Equipment's: Solid Phase Fluorescence Immunoassay System (KOFA Brand).

Introduction: This reagent kit is base on fluorescent chromatographic technology, supporting the quantitative rapid test of hsCRP+CRP level in the whole blood/serum/plasma, and it can be applied to the differential diagnosis of infectious diseases and the risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases.

hsCRP+CRP Technical Parameters:

Test Item Sample Reacting Time Testing Time
hsCRP+CRP Whole Blood:10μL, Serum/Plasma:5μL 3min 3S

The advantages of hsCRP+CRP:

1. Advanced fluoroimmunoassay quantitative testing platform, make accurate and quantitative rapid test of hsCRP+CRP level available

2. Rapid, accurate, reproducible, reliable and correlated results between different laboratories.

3. Convenient operation, support whole blood sample testing, the high sensitivity CPR and CRP level can be detected at the same time.

4. Support peripheral blood sample, can be applied to the rapid test of children and the elderly.

5. The recommended screening indicator to the initial diagnosis of fever, the first biomarker of rapid differential diagnosis of infection.

Applicable Departments: Departments of obstetrics, pediatrics, respiratory, digestive system, orthopaedics, cardiology, emergency and ICU.

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